Putting your future back in your hands

Job searching can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process - we understand this.

That’s why, through our adaptive recruitment model, Pro-Tech takes the burden of a job search off your shoulders, providing you with an invaluable platform from which to re-invigorate your career.

By using our service, we match your skills, experience and ambitions with possible employers, ensuring that you have the choices available to help you maximise your potential. Clients will often choose to use us exclusively, so on top of a whole host of opportunities that we will present to you, we will also be able to connect you with jobs that aren’t even visible in the market.

We begin your job search by making sure to ask you everything about your ideal job from the more general, down to the smaller details. With this, we are able to provide you with a tailored service that produces a set of options suited to your strengths, personality and situation.

You may only use our services once, or you may enter into years of regular contract employment. Either way, our aim is to provide a more personable recruitment service, with the intention of forming a long-term relationship with you. We take great pride in seeing our candidates progress through their careers and in the majority of cases, achieve significant progression and job satisfaction.

Critically, our service also demands consultancy of an honest and transparent nature; if a role is not suitable for you, we will always explain why. If this ever happens we will be searching in other areas to find an even better solution for you.

Finally, we will always maintain complete confidentiality with regards to your personal information and will only send your CV out to employers with your consent. In our recruitment process, the candidate always has control; we work for you.

So if you want to take control of your career and your future, get in touch with us and let’s start working together today.

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