Talented people, smart solutions.

When working together with Pro-Tech, you can always count on a service that will provide you with a considered, quality outcome.

This quality-focussed output is made possible because our ethos as a company is centred on creating and maintaining long-term, stable partnerships that ultimately add value in the long run.

How does Pro-Tech form successful relationships with its clients?

Pro-Tech establishes successful relationships with its clients for two simple, yet critical reasons:

Firstly, we ensure to deliver an honest and collaborative recruitment approach that produces the best possible results for all involved.

Secondly, by providing clients with outstanding candidates that have already been extensively vetted and matched as per their own requirements, our clients have higher success rates in their hiring processes and as a result, have higher staff retention rates. Pro-Tech also takes an active role in decreasing a client’s costs incurred by eliminating inefficient recruitment processes.  

With all of this, we benchmark ourselves against our ability to listen, advise and work towards a common goal alongside our clients and candidates. Anything less would prove a disservice to the trusted and quality name that Pro-Tech has built up over its many years of trading.

So what are the key benefits that Pro-Tech brings?

  • A hard-working, honest and transparent team of recruiters who take pride in going the extra mile in committing themselves to your vacancy.
  • A proven recruitment process – whether structural or bespoke - that has an extensive list of satisfied clients.
  • A network of candidates that have been through our own extensive screening and consultation process before they get put forward to you - this ensures that we filter through the relevant candidates, giving them an understanding of your brief and what they need to succeed in your vacancy.
  • Access to a vast candidate pool of over 120,000 talented and varied people that is constantly being built up and updated daily.
  • A common language spoken between recruiters and clients - our specialist recruitment teams are created to provide sector-specific expertise, which means that you’ll always be dealing with knowledgeable people who understand your industry.
  • Access to invaluable staffing consultancy, whatever your needs.
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