About Us

Employee Owned


ProTech Recruitment has been an employee owned company since 2022, which means everyone that works here now has a stake in the future of the business.

Employee ownership creates an energetic dynamic within our business and in terms of our company culture. Everyone working together to reap the rewards. 

The founders of ProTech spent 30 years building the business and establishing strong relationships with many clients and so were keen to ensure that their core values and the business itself was passed onto the employees so that ProTech could keep going as an entity as opposed to being taken over by a competitor and broken up. 

By working for an employee owned company, our employees have a direct say in both the direction the business will take, as well as benefitting financially from the performance of the business. 

What are the benefits of being employee owned?

  • It encourages continual improvement

  • It promotes collaboration and innovation

  • Team members are more engaged, more fulfilled and less stressed.

  • It raises our standards in terms of the way we treat our clients, candidates and each other.

  • It allows us to share the rewards of the business doing well with those who contributed – our team

  • It helps us to achieve a better work life balance

  • It delivers better business performance

  • It means team members are more entrepreneurial and committed to the company and it’s success

  • We can pay our team members bonuses that are free of income tax 

If you’d like to be part of the ProTech journey and reap the rewards of being a part of an employee owned business 

click here to find out more about working for ProTech.