Case study

Providing temporary contract manufacturing labour resources

The problem

Our client, a major engineering manufacturer in the defence, communications and medical sectors, needed to increase production to meet their delivery objectives for major customers in both the UK and overseas.

It was not possible to do this with their existing resources so they turned to ProTech to see how we could help them to meet their objectives whilst keeping within tight budgetary constraints.

Our solution

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, combined with our expertise in labour pricing, enabled us to produce a highly competitive initial proposal to provide temporary contract labour resources.

Working in conjunction with them, we designed a series of trade tests for each job type which all prospective candidates were required to complete. These pre-qualification tests used materials and tools to the client’s specification. Tests were administered at our premises at a designated trade test bench under controlled and timed conditions.

The result

This consistent level of screening resulted in a high quality talent pool.

 Indeed, in this particular year, of all the people supplied, 95% started successfully and were retained for the duration of the project - a period of approximately 10 months.

Working with our client, we were able to generate an effective workforce which met the exacting standards required. The team was available to be deployed on-site at short notice whereby enabling the client to rapidly increase production and meet their demanding targets for delivery. Even more importantly, as the manufacturing schedules required a reduction in manpower, they were able to decrease the workforce in a controlled way with no additional costs accruing in terms of notice and holiday pay, for example. These important items were all taken care of by ProTech.

Where are they now?

The team is still in place and our Account Manager attends the site weekly.

In doing so, the Account Manager collects time sheets, meeting with all relevant people to review performance and progress. In turn, ProTech is able to help deal with any day-to-day issues that may arise.