Case study

Recruiting for technical roles

The problem

Our client had a trusted and well-established member of staff on long-term sick leave.

Unfortunately, this eventually resulted in this person leaving the company after a 9 month absence. Being a highly specialised company meant that it would have potentially been very difficult to replace the in-depth technical skills that the employee had acquired over a period of several years.

Our solution

We met with the owner of the business and the key managers involved with in the hiring process.

Over the course of a 90-minute meeting, we examined the wide-ranging requirements of the job and prioritised the skills and capabilities that would be needed. We provided detailed advice both in terms of their technical requirements, as well as information as to the availability of skills in the market.

This resulted in ProTech developing a job specification for the role that not only fully met their operational requirements, but also described in detail the excellent longer-term prospects available at our client.

With a more effective and accurate job specification, we were able to search our range of databases and candidate networks in order to identify a short-list of potential candidates. Three candidate’s CVs were submitted with one candidate being selected for an interview.

The result

In this case, the selection process was so precise that only one interview was required.

The consequent meeting was successful and the candidate joined the company shortly afterwards.