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4 reasons why changing your job could be the best decision you've ever made

over 7 years ago

4 reasons why changing your job could be the best decision you've ever made

When we think about moving jobs, there can be a number of things that hold us back from making a change in our career.

Anything from complacency to a lack of confidence can keep us locked in roles that we don’t find fulfilling, motivating or representative of our career ambitions.

If this applies to you, here are 4 reasons why changing your job could be the best decision you’ve ever made:

1) Stay Inspired

Getting career satisfaction isn’t some kind of mathematical equation or recipe; we’re all looking for different things. That said, one of the main ways to inject excitement, energy and enthusiasm back into your life is by keeping things moving. This might mean taking up a new hobby, pushing yourself to encounter new situations or more commonly, making sure you change working environments if things are beginning to feel stale.

Changing jobs offers you the chance to meet new people, work in different locations and apply your mind in a different way. These kind of challenges can really push you to succeed and more importantly, make you feel inspired at the start of each day.

   2) Be valued for what you’re worth

A common grievance with employment regularly centres around the salary that we receive. Whether it be a comparative difference with fellow employees, or just a feeling that you’re under-valued, unhappiness over salaries is a frequent occurrence.

If this applies to you, the question to ask yourself is, ‘Can I work somewhere where I’m valued as I should be?’

99 times out of 100, if you’ve got both the right skills and a confidence in yourself to succeed, the answer to this question should be ‘Yes’. 

If you’re contributing to a company without getting the reward that you deserve, changing roles will both allow you to do more with your life, whilst also improving your happiness on a day-to-day basis at work.

   3) Regain control

Feeling trapped within a location, a role, or a situation that you don’t like is never a good thing. In a staggering amount of cases where this happens, people that feel unsatisfied with their job won’t consider a change because they feel obliged to stay.

It’s a strange scenario. We will complain to friends and family about a situation we’re in, but when it comes to making a change, we shy away from it.

The truth is though that really, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s your life, your career, and your happiness. If something isn’t fulfilling you, there’s no reason why you should accept it. Re-injecting a sense of control over your life really can give you that much-needed ‘oomph’ that can help you to enjoy your life more.

   4) Expand your horizons and learn

One of the most satisfying things for us to do in life is to broaden our horizons and learn as we go. If you’re at the right company, you should be able to achieve this through steady progression, a challenging remit and regular training programs. For many however, they reach a certain point of stagnation where everything they want to achieve has already been done.

On the face of it, this is a positive thing as it means that you’ve got everything you can out of a job. The danger is that if complacency sets in, we can cruise through our working lives from this point without actually learning and improving, which is bad news for both your motivation and your general happiness in the workplace.

Changing roles can put you in situation where you meet new people that challenge your thinking, help you build on what you already know and motivate you to achieve greater things than you ever believed possible.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied and want a change, head over to our careers hub now to find your next opportunity!