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5 CV Writing Tips

over 7 years ago

5 cv writing tips

When job hunting, your CV is usually your way to getting an interview therefore it is paramount you get it right! Everyone's CV is different, depending on their career paths and personal interests, but here are 5 tips to consider when writing yours.

1) Stand out from the rest – your personal statement provides you with an opportunity to market yourself to potential future employers – sell yourself! You should alter this section with each job you apply to, highlighting your specific skills relevant for that role. The job description will ultimately be describing the ideal candidate for the role, use this to tailor your CV and show you are a perfect fit.

2) Make sure your grammar is correct – this may sound obvious but… mistakes are frequent! Check, double check, and check again! Proofread the entire CV before you apply with it – incorrect grammar makes a bad impression. Don’t forget to check your contact details - a wrong digit in your phone number could cost you a job.

3) Don’t make it too long – there is no need for your CV to be any longer than 2 sides of A4. Recruiters aren’t likely to read more and you do not need to list your experience further back than 10 years. If there is a gap – be prepared to explain why. Should it be travelling or if you went unemployed, it’s best to be honest and explain.

4) Keep it up-to-date – refresh your CV whenever you have achieved something that should be added i.e. a new skill or a new certificate. If your career goals have changed then your CV should too. This will help speed up the process of applying when you come across your dream job.

5) Use keywords – this will help your CV come up in search results by a recruiter who is looking for someone with your skills. Whatever your occupation, make sure you include the key skills and experience in that field so you’re likely to match what the recruiter is looking for.

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