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Charity walk - Donation amounts announced!

over 1 year ago

Charity walk - Donation amounts announced!

After the conclusion of our 'Walk to the North Pole' in the first quarter of the calendar year, we are delighted to be able to announce the results of which team members made the top three and ultimately what each person has raised for charity via their share of steps.

The top three went above and beyond the majority of the team and it is fitting that they share the funds relatively equally for the great causes they have chosen as they were so difficult to split. It came right down to the final few days!

While as a team of 14 we managed 7.6m steps in total, the top three contributed 3.4m of those steps - a whopping 44%! Incredible.

So who were the three?

Alan Staunton who walked 1,200,695 steps (or 35.41% of the top 3's steps).

Jacob Trigg who walked 1,120,695 steps (or 33.04% of the top 3's steps).

Antony Cox who walked 1,069,681 steps (or 31.55% of the top 3's steps).

The £250 donation from ProTech was to be divided up in proportion to the percentage of the total steps of the top three. 

Therefore we can announce that

Alan Staunton has raised £88.53 for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Jacob Trigg has raised £82.60 for Diabetes UK

Antony Cox has raised £78.87 for Pulmonary Hypertension Association