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Dealing with staff shortages?

over 1 year ago

Dealing with staff shortages?

There has been a focus in the news recently on staff shortages in the hospitality sector.

Hawksmoor in particular hitting the headlines by offering bonuses to current staff who recommend a role to an associate who then joins the company. 

Another company doing similar have been Caravan, who are offering £100 gift vouchers to customers if they successfully recommend someone for a job.

While both of these businesses are hospitality orientated, this trend of businesses struggling to recruit is happening across all sectors and all levels in the current environment. This was backed up with James Reed of announcing that 18,000 vacancies were added online in one day just last week, which was the ‘highest number’ he could ‘recall in years’.

Candidates have more choice, not just within their chosen industry but the pandemic has forced many to look beyond their pre covid jobs and go into roles which they may have not considered prior to the pandemic. 

We know of candidates having multiple offers and even after confirming a start date, the day they are due to start arrives and they have failed to turn up.

Similar issues can be found in IT where recruiters have announced that they are losing far more offers that they make than ever before; with the percentage of offers falling through moving from 10% up to 25% which is a record number of offers not being completed in the industry.

There is also an anticipation of wage inflation increasing salaries 15% as companies try to secure their ideal candidates.

All of this demonstrates that currently it is a candidate driven market we all need to bring our A game and never assume that you have hired someone until they walk through the door on their first day and even then you should be vigilant.

At ProTech we have a proven record of producing results when trusted to deliver key hires. Under current market conditions we are working hard to discover the best available talent. We are also increasing our investment into our talent attraction resources to ensure that our clients do not miss out on the talent they need.