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Employee of the Month - March 2023 - Roman Motyczak

about 1 year ago

Employee of the Month - March 2023 - Roman Motyczak

We are pleased to announce our Employee of the Month for March. We recognise the delay in the announcement seeing as we are now in May, but as many of you know, we have recently gone through a big office move which has taken up a lot of our time and resources. However, we are excited to finally announce our winner for March.

The winner of our Employee of the Month for March went above and beyond to ensure that the office move was a success. They stayed late after hours, painted walls, put up whiteboards, liaised with the moving company and sorted out various other bits and pieces that needed to be taken care of to ensure that the move was seamless and a success. They truly showed us all what it means to be a dedicated and hardworking member of the ProTech team.

The winner is none other than Roman Motyczak, one of our directors at ProTech! We know that some people may be surprised that one of our directors won the award, but we want to make it clear that Roman is a worthy winner. He put in a lot of hard work and dedication during the office move, and he truly deserves this recognition for his efforts. Well done Roman!

We are now working hard to catch up with our Employee of the Month announcements, and we will be announcing our winner for April early next week.