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National Tea Day 2023!

about 1 year ago

National Tea Day 2023!

Happy National Tea Day everyone! At ProTech Recruitment, we're taking a moment to celebrate one of the nation's favourite drinks by brewing up our own cups of tea.

For those who may not know, National Tea Day is an annual celebration of the UK's love for tea. It originated in 2016 and takes place every year on April 21st. This year marks the sixth anniversary of the event, and it's a perfect opportunity to indulge in a good cuppa!

Interestingly, the origins of tea in the UK date back to the 17th century when it was introduced as a luxury item. Since then, tea has become a quintessential part of British culture and has been enjoyed by many generations. It's even said that the late Queen was a big fan of tea herself, contributing to the drink's popularity.

Here at ProTech Recruitment, we're celebrating National Tea Day by enjoying a cuppa with our colleagues. Check out the attached collage picture to see some of our team members enjoying their tea. Cheers to a great cup of tea! 

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