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New directors at ProTech

over 1 year ago

New directors at ProTech

When ProTech became Employee Trust Owned in April 2022, it was announced on the same day that both Ismail Mansoor and Samantha Morgan had been promoted from Team Leader to Director and were joining Antony Cox and Roman Motyczak on the board of ProTech Recruitment Ltd. 

ProTech becoming Employee Trust Owned means that in the medium term there is an exit route to enable retirement for the original directors Roman Motyczak and Antony Cox whilst also ensuring the company continues as a living and breathing entity for the employees that remain.

Expanding the Board of Directors to include Ismail and Samantha ensures continuity for the company when Roman and Antony elect to step away from ProTech.

Antony Cox said on Ismail: "Ismail joined ProTech in June 2015 and since that time has been an outstanding leader as well as hands-on recruiter. He has consistently managed and developed his team as our business has evolved whilst has also continuing to develop himself as a leader. Combined with his 20 years’ + experience in technical and engineering recruitment on both a permanent and contract basis, Ismail was an obvious choice to join the ProTech Board. Ismail’s vast wealth of experience is a huge asset to ProTech and his continued contribution to the Company going forward will be of great benefit to our teams."

Antony Cox said on Samantha: "Sam joined ProTech in April 2016 as a recruitment consultant and she quickly proved herself as a trusted team-member and talented recruiter. Sam initially worked in the technical team but switched to Life Sciences upon her promotion to Senior Consultant in June 2018. When a vacancy arose for Life Sciences Team Leader the following year, Sam was a natural successor, quickly establishing herself as a highly accomplished leader. Having recently invested her own time in developing her management and leadership skills we were delighted to ask Sam to join the ProTech board to help us with the next phase in our story."

Roman Motyczak said: "Congratulations to Sam and Ismail on their appointment to the board of ProTech Recruitment. I know they’ve both worked hard to reach this point. It is exciting for you to become part of the senior leadership team to guide the company in its early days of Employee Trust ownership. It is well-deserved. Your experience, enthusiasm and leadership are going to be invaluable to ProTech as we move forwards."

Samantha Morgan said: "On the day of my first interview with ProTech I was excited for the buzz in the office that I could feel even from inside the meeting room (‘The Cube’ at the time)! There was something about both Antony and Roman that made me feel like I would learn and grow here. I had some excellent training both internally and externally and thrived. I took the lead of the Life Sciences team at the end of 2019 and whilst I was nervous to begin with I stepped up quickly and did my best to get my team to where they needed to be.

Becoming an EOT has been very exciting and something that I am very proud to be part of so when the offer to become a Director of ProTech was presented to me it was very welcome. I have an appetite for success and feel very lucky to work alongside Ismail. Ismail and I are very aligned in our goals for the business going forward and are both determined individuals who are committed to providing an excellent service. I only hope that I can do as good a job as Antony and Roman have done so far."

Ismail Mansoor said: "I joined ProTech seven years ago as I really admired the vision from Antony and Roman. Although I have always worked within a management capacity, I have worked with a number of different teams as the company has evolved and grown. Moving in to the Director role at ProTech is the next challenge for me at ProTech.

Now that ProTech has become an Employee Owned Business, my personal mission is to help as many people within the business achieve their full potential and to see the overall profits grow to enable a consistent profit share for all employees with everyone reaping in the rewards. Sam and I have a number of ideas for new teams and market sectors we would like to develop to further enable the growth of ProTech."