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ProTech launch new website

over 1 year ago

ProTech launch new website

As we continue to build on a strong start to 2023, we are delighted to be able to launch our new website! Log on to to check it out.

We’ve worked closely with SourceFlow to craft something that is a lot more modern and in tune with us as a business. In 2022 we became an Employee Owned Business and we really wanted a website which would complement our strategies and give our old website a complete overhaul.

We are looking forward to working with Sourceflow over the coming months and years whilst they  complete  their road map of new features which we can integrate in to our new site. Just want to say a massive thank you to Callum Hull, Helen Taylor, Alec Middleton, Matt Comber, Craig Howard and the rest of the Sourceflow team for helping us get it to this stage and for all of their hard work.

Also have to show some appreciation to Charles Hurst who helped put all the photography together with a couple of trips into our office- the photos look great!

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