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ProTech partner with juice recruitment

over 4 years ago

ProTech partner with juice recruitment

We are delighted to announce that ProTech Recruitment have partnered with Recruitment Juice to offer bespoke learning solutions to our consultants.

We think it’s crucial to engage, train and upskill our staff on their journey with us and alongside Recruitment Juice we are in an excellent position to do so.

Recruitment Juice were founded in 2011 and are now an award winning, Ofsted regulated, online recruitment learning solution.

They offer courses from 40+ recruitment industry experts, with more than 2,000 videos, 400 episodes and 85 courses. Each course offering a fun and innovative training path that combines innovative, bite-sized videos, along with interactive learning quizzes to encourage and engage recruiters.

As a company we have always invested in training for our staff. Whether from external sources such as Recruitment Juice, our own internal training and coaching sessions, or AAT and Chartered Institute of Marketing learning for our non recruiter members of staff who we are also focusing on progressing.

We pride ourselves on assisting our workforce in reaching their full potential. If you would like to work for ProTech see more of the benefits on our website here: