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ProTech to walk 5 million miles!?

over 2 years ago

ProTech to walk 5 million miles!?

ProTech to walk over 5 million steps!?

As part of our New Year’s resolution as a company, we have decided to get outside and stretch our legs more often this quarter to raise money for charity.

By the 1st of April 2022, we will be attempting to walk together the total distance between our offices and the North Pole. This is approximately 2,500 miles between us all and over 5 million steps! Should the team complete it then ProTech Recruitment Ltd will be donating a sum to charity.

As an added incentive, the three people in the team who manage the most steps by the end of the quarter will be able to choose between them which charities we donate the money to – so an added motivation for getting out there and pounding the pavements! 

With a league table on the big TV in the office, updated each day, we can see who is on target and who is behind target. This has introduced an interesting dynamic for the finance and marketing teams who are seeing their names set against numerical targets themselves for once! 

We’ll be updating once a week with how we are getting on with our task. As a team we love smashing the targets we are set so we are hopeful we will make the North Pole and beyond!

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