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Recruitment in December

7 months ago

Why you should still recruit in December.

Picture a bustling marketplace just before a festive season, where everyone rushes in to grab the best deals. That's how the job market feels at the start of the year - crowded, competitive, and challenging to stand out.

Now imagine a serene garden in autumn, where the atmosphere is calmer, and you have your pick of the ripest fruits without the rush. That's similar to starting your hiring process in the earlier months before the hiring frenzy begins.

Beginning your search for talent in January is like entering a race with numerous competitors, all vying for the attention of top-tier candidates who have an abundance of options on their plate.

By waiting, you risk losing out on top talent who might receive more enticing offers as time goes by. Hence, my suggestion is clear: if you're considering hiring, start the process now.

Considering notice periods and the time required to find the perfect fit, the hiring journey can easily extend to a three-month cycle or even longer.

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