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The benefits of working in stem

over 1 year ago

The benefits of working in stem

A lot of pressure mixed with a lot of opinions can make choosing a career after A-Levels, University or College seem impossible. But have you considered a career in STEM? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics if you haven’t guessed.

Here are a number of reasons why you should definitely consider a career in STEM:

You can make a difference

STEM is incredibly influential in your day-to-day life and a lot of the time you may not even realise it. STEM careers encourage development and you could be creating the next big thing, the lifesaving cure for a disease, a robot which takes over boring daily tasks or even the next Apple smartphone.

Increased potential for landing a job

The job market is crowded…we are recruiters, we would know. STEM is one of the only job markets which are currently lacking applicants. If you choose a STEM career, employers will be fighting for you.

Keeps you up-to-date

Avoid being left in the past by following a career which focuses on the future. The fast-paced environments keep people on their toes, keeping relevant is crucial in these industries.

Allows for innovation and creativity

If you consider yourself to be a creative individual then a career in one of the STEM fields could be for you. Problem-solving is just a daily task when working in STEM and to be creative is a must when tackling issues which may sometime appear insurmountable.

Higher income

Enjoying what you do is incredibly important when choosing a career, and working in STEM can be incredibly fun. A career in STEM is also often incredibly rewarding financially. In the US those with degrees in one of the STEM modules earned on average £12,000 more than non-STEM degrees.

Finally, don’t forget a career in STEM is for everyone and although it may at times be challenging, the rewards make the challenges worth it.