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The perfect day to start a job search?

about 8 years ago

The perfect day to start a job search?

Whatever the reason for making a change, in today’s world, moving jobs is a common occurrence. When this moment comes, the key is not to fear it. 

If you get the most out of your job search whereby embracing the resources available to you, changing careers could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. 

Finding a job that matches you

There are so many reasons why someone will start a job search. Everything from salary dissatisfaction to outgrowing a role within a company can trigger someone to rethink their options. 

But why in today’s world are you more likely than ever to find a job tailored to your needs?


With more tools and resources than ever before, you have total control over your career.

Indeed, the resources available to you such as job boards and recruitment agencies are constantly being updated and geared towards serving the candidate. This ultimately means that you direct your own fate. You control what you’re searching for, where you search for it and when you search for jobs. 

With this flexibility, you no longer have to settle for a job that doesn’t motivate and excite you. You can find and apply for a job in any location, in any role and in any seniority that you have ambitions to work in. 

In short, the job search is completely yours to own and mould depending on your needs.


The near universal trend of a move towards digital means that a new found sense of immediacy is given to you when searching for a new job. In other words, the job search is no longer dependent on waiting for the next edition of a newspaper to find the latest vacancy listings - you can even start it right now!

Whether it’s from your living room in the evening, a café or even your current place of work, with tablets and mobile devices, the browsing tools available to you are live 24/7. This effectively means that you don’t have to revolve around your job search; your job search revolves around you. 

It’s not just the active job-seekers that benefit from this. Regardless of your current job situation, the immediacy of the modern day job search will always give you the freedom to keep a speculative eye on the job markets, just in case something special turns up. 

How can you get this search in motion?

First things first, decide what job you’re looking for. 

The expansiveness of job boards and recruitment agencies means that there are potentially thousands of jobs to scroll through, which frankly would be a waste of your time.

But if you know what you’re looking for - even if it’s just the industry you want to work in - this can really help make your job search a simple and quick process. 

Once you’ve identified the types of roles you’re interested in, you should register with either a job board or a recruitment company so as to hone in and secure your next job.

The reason why the latter might be a better solution for you is that recruitment companies like Pro-Tech have a long-standing affiliation with the job boards, and so have specialist understanding of how to get the best out of them. 

In the case of Pro-Tech, we take the more time-consuming and stressful elements out of searching and applying via job boards, talking to prospective employers that post their jobs on a daily basis as we go. There are even employers that work exclusively with a recruitment company meaning that with many of the best vacancies available, you won’t know they even exist! 

So what are you waiting for? Get started now!