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UK Manufacturing

over 6 years ago

UK manufacturing

According to facts and figures published by EEF and Santander this week, Britain is now the eighth largest manufacturer by output in the world, pushing France into ninth place.

The EEF and Santander have published a fact card on UK manufacturing and how the UK has managed to boost its position to the 8th largest industrial nation.

  • Manufactured exports are up - this is due to higher global demand and also support from a weaker sterling.
  • The British public are ambitious for the Manufacturing sector with 70% of adults saying the UK should aim to be a top 5 manufacturing nation.
  • The sector is set for a change due to the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).
  • Manufacturing jobs are higher paid with average earnings for the sector at £32000 per year, ahead of the whole economy average pay of £28000.

Can the UK keep climbing the list?