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Wellness Wednesday Walk

about 2 years ago

Wellness wednesday walk

Next Wednesday (30th March 2022) we are going on our wellness walk!

As a team we will be taking two hours out in the morning and heading out into the Spring sunshine to get some final steps recorded in our attempt to cumulatively reach the North Pole.

We anticipate being able to walk 12km in two hours. With every 10 metres equivalent to about 13 steps - this means each person in our team should walk approximately 15,000 steps.

With the entire team out walking together that could be cumulatively well over 200,000 steps as a final big push to reach our target!

At the end of the walk we'll be in a position to announce how far we walked and also who our three champions will share the £250 out for their nominated charities dependent on the proportion of the steps they walked between the three of them!

Of those three champions - Alan StauntonAntony Cox and Jacob Trigg are essentially in the club house twice! They've walked their share of steps required to get to the north pole already and then walked them again!

Will be an exciting final race to see who finishes in 1st 2nd and 3rd next week!