Interview Day

It’s Wednesday morning and your interview is in a few hours.

You’ve done your research on the company you’re interviewing with and feel confident in getting this preparation across in the interview.

So what should you be thinking about now?

First things first, you’ll need to get your dress code right. Now, this seems like a fairly straight forward step, but a surprising number of people get it wrong.

Whilst there are circumstances where you might want to modify your dress in line with a company ethos – some companies may not require a tie, for example – generally you should stick to these two rules for the perfect first impression:

  • Be smartly dressed and well-groomed to show that you have made an effort. More often than not, having a beard or wearing huge heels won’t count against you, but succeeding in an interview is all about leaving nothing to chance… Don’t sacrifice a thousand weekends of fun for one weekend of bearded perfection!
  • SMILE! It’s simple, but a smile conveys honesty and warmth. Under an interview situation, you might forget to let your personality to shine through, but it’s precisely this personality that your interviewer wants to find out about. No-one wants to hire a robot, so smile, breathe and really go for it!

I’m looking the part, but what now?

Having now arrived at the interview, waiting to go in and smash the interviewer’s expectations, there’s still one more thing to remember…

Remain positive

Everyone gets nervous at job interviews. It’s just your body releasing adrenalin to help you focus and deal with the challenge at hand. That said, if you’re not used to this sensation, it can be an uncomfortable and overwhelming feeling, which is exactly what you don’t want when waiting to go in to the interview room.

With this in mind, simple things like breathing slowly can really help you re-focus, calm down and contextualise the situation you’re in; essentially, it’s just a conversation with another human being, not a lion or something threatening!

So take a deep breath, it’s time for the interview.

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