Nailing The Interview

Nailing the interview – Preparation

Today is Tuesday morning.

Sweat still fresh on the brow, you’ve just slumped into your chair after clinching an interview for your ideal job, scheduled for tomorrow morning.

But what does getting this interview mean?

Is it just about showing up and talking about what you’re good at? Or is it something far more extensive than this?

Having seen success and failure at both ends of this spectrum, we firmly believe in the latter.

Reasons to do your research

The benefits of being well-prepared, not just for an interview, are countless. With this in mind, we’ve broken down it down to 3 key reasons why you should do your research before an interview:

Showcasing your strong points

Being well-prepared for an interview actively demonstrates qualities such as commitment, initiative, interest and conscientiousness to your interviewer.

All of these are absolutely invaluable qualities within a workplace and an employer will recognise the merit of a candidate that is well prepared and pro-active in their research. Not only this, endearing an interviewer towards you as a person is likely to add greater attention to your other, more job specific skills and experiences. 

Conveying your desire to get the job

The fundamental purpose of an interview from a candidate perspective is to show your qualities and that you really want to work for the company that you are interviewing with. There are many ways of conveying this, but a tried and tested method of achieving this is simply by gaining a prior knowledge of the company you’re interviewing with.

Indeed, having placed talented people for over 25 years, we’ve seen that the key to nailing an interview lies in building your skills, personality and passion for a job role upon a sturdy foundation of knowledge about the business, their personnel and what makes their company special.

Essentially, it’s all about leaving nothing to chance - doing the right preparation will give you the best possible chance of walking away from an interview with your dream job. 

Added confidence

Many of the candidates we speak to have the perfect skill-sets for the roles we are hiring for. Where they sometimes fall however is their inability to capture this and deliver it confidently.

For these candidates, this is where doing the right preparation comes in.

For example:

If someone were to talk to you about something you know very well – Football, Films or Animals for example – you’re likely to speak confidently and freely. But flip it the other way, being caught out about something you don’t know or understand can be a daunting and off-putting experience. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is critical to showcasing your key skills as a candidate. Getting hold of this confidence is often found in having done your research, as this allows you to speak on a level with your interviewers.

So if you struggle with confidence, there’s no reason not to add a sense of reassurance in your interview by covering every base available.

Things to consider

If you are the best candidate for the role, you are always going to mirror your attention to detail within the workplace in an interview situation. Absolutely no-one is going to invest time and money in someone they deem unreliable or non-committal.
So you might want to ask yourself before going in:

  • Does the company you’re interviewing at have accounts you can look at?
  • Who are their competitors?
  • Do they have an obvious social media strategy?
  • What are the target demographics of the company’s customers?

One final word of advice

Preparation doesn’t begin and end at learning about the company you have an interview with. Arriving promptly kicks everything off to a good start with your interviewers, so make sure you have a map, directions and transport all sorted the day before.

Remember: Prepare. Prepare. Succeed!

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