Personal Development

As a candidate, getting clear and consistent advice as to what you should be doing with your CV, your interviews and your job seeking can be difficult.

But with over 25 years of job filling experience, we’ve got a fairly good idea about what you should be doing! With this in mind, we’ve put together a dedicated Personal Development section to ensure that all the advice you need can be easily found, digested and accessed from a centralised home. Here, you’ll be able to find special features, tips and tricks, how-to guides and lots more.

On top of what you can already find, we’re going to be developing and adding to this section indefinitely, so make sure you keep checking back here if there are things you’ve missed. Equally, if there’s something you want to know and think we’ve missed, let us know! The chances are if you’ve got a query, then someone else will have the same one too. We want to share our insights with as many candidates as is possible, so if you’ve got a worry, let’s address it.

All the contributions to this section have been viewed and analysed by a range of demographics within ProTech so as to ensure that the advice you’re getting is relevant, regardless of what stage you’re in of your job search or career.

If you want to get in touch with us to discuss anything on here, or alternatively, just have an informal chat about your career, don’t hesitate in calling us directly on 01442 299000.

Avoiding the hidden pitfalls

Over the course of an interview, discovering the true essence of what a job might entail can prove difficult. To put it very simply, this is because a job interview is as much of a sales pitch for your future...

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With recruitment often split into permanent and contract divisions, for new workers or those looking to make a change, contracting is certainly something to explore. WHAT IS IT? Contract employment means that you work...

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CV writing

When deciding how to write and layout your CV there are infinite ways in which you can do it; the truth is there is no right answer. That said, there are a few general rules you should be following in order to make...

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Difficult interview questions

In an interview, there’s nothing worse than being asked something you weren’t expecting. It’s hard to know exactly what an interviewer will ask you because everyone is different...

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Finding your next job

Whatever the reason for making a change, in today’s world, moving jobs is a common occurrence. When this moment comes, the key is not to fear it. If you get the most out of your job search whereby embracing the resources...

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Interview day

It’s Wednesday morning and your interview is in a few hours. You’ve done your research on the company you’re interviewing with and feel confident in getting this preparation across in the interview. So what should you be thinking about...

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Nailing the interview

Today is Tuesday morning. Sweat fresh on the brow, you’ve just slumped into your chair after clinching an interview for your ideal job, scheduled for tomorrow morning. But what does getting this interview mean? Is it just about showing up...

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Stepping into the interview

For many people, the concept of having to do an interview can be an uncomfortable one. This is because, for those who aren’t necessarily confident, an interview situation can often...

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