Preferred Supplier and Master Vendor Services

There can be many different reasons for reaching out to a recruitment company. Generally, these reasons focus around a desire to bring higher efficiency to the recruitment process. Costings, time management and talent attraction are all relevant examples of this.

Whatever your priority, engaging with a recruitment company on either a Preferred Supplier or Master Vendor arrangement can bring benefits to both parties, resulting in better hires that are placed quicker, ultimately costing less.

The Benefits of Having a Preferred Supplier

Having a Preferred Supplier means that when hiring, you can call upon a trusted recruitment company with agreed commercial terms to serve your staffing needs. In doing so, your Preferred Supplier will act as your primary recruitment resource to call upon, providing you with established processes and lines of communication.

Another key benefit of having a Preferred Supplier is the guaranteed timeframes it provides. Indeed, a Preferred Supplier typically operates within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which stipulates the agreed response times and actions. This means that with all your recruitment efforts, you’ll be able to work to agreed delivery dates and targets. In essence, by using a Preferred Supplier, you are removing a certain sense of risk and replacing it with a sense of certainty which - if you’re hiring under time-sensitive conditions - is invaluable.

ProTech as a Preferred Supplier

ProTech Recruitment have Preferred Supplier status with several key clients that have chosen this service in order to benefit from an even more tailored and consultative recruitment service than is already offered. It is testament to our trusted and quality driven service that with 25+ years of trading, clients want to have a closer, more direct relationship with our consultants and the service we provide.

Master Vendor

For a client, having a Master Vendor eliminates the hassle of having to deal with multiple recruitment agencies and multiple invoices. A good Master Vendor will integrate itself within your business, offering ongoing support in order to maximise the efficiency of your staffing operations. ProTech currently performs this role with a number of its clients, with the benefits of this service including:

  • Higher staff retention achieved through a better initial standard of candidates supplied.
  • Ongoing support network provided by dedicated account managers and consultants.
  • Removal of the recruitment burden.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Higher recruitment efficiency provided by our team of specialists.
  • Reduced workloads for Management.
  • Direct access to a 120,000 strong candidate network.
  • Direct access to our Marketing division which will work with you to develop a bespoke online strategy for adverts and social media.
  • Improved supply chain communications.
  • External suppliers engaged to work with the client.

So which one is better?

Well actually, there’s no simple answer to that. It really depends on your needs as a business, where you want to take your hiring strategy and how open you are to integrating the consultancy of a recruitment company into your operations.

Either way, both of these models will provide a much better recruitment service to you. This, as a higher level of integration from a recruitment company within your business will invariably facilitate better candidate attraction towards profiles that not only have the technical skills, but also the personality to fit your business.

I’m interested in hearing how this fits me

If you wish to know more, we’re happy to talk.

Equally, if you’re just looking for some completely free consultancy as to what you could do to make your operations more efficient, our recruitment specialists will always share their insights with those who need it.

In any case, feel free to give us a call on 01442 299000 to find out how our Master Vendor or Preferred Supplier service could improve your business.

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