With over 200 years of collective recruitment experience in our company, Pro-Tech’s industry specialisms directly reflect the expertise and insights of the people driving our operation.

Over our 25+ years of trading, these specialisms have developed and evolved to the point where we now offer an industry-informed service of genuine value to our clients and candidates.

These specialisms are as follows:

Aerospace and Defence

The Aerospace and Defence industry forms a significant part of the UK’s engineering and manufacturing operations. Within this vital sector, Pro-Tech provides everything from hands-on technicians to design experts, project managers and senior management.


As an industry operating on a truly global scale, the importance of the automotive industry is self-evident.

At Pro-Tech we relish working within the automotive sector due to the prestigious and fast-paced nature of our clients, and the quality of the products they produce.

It is a great pleasure, therefore, that Pro-Tech supplies a number of companies exclusively as a result of our experienced and proven reputation in the market place. Crucially, our clients benefit from the diversity of the technical disciplines within our extensive candidate network, which allows many of them to direct their operations with greater technical precision.

Medical Devices

As a critical element in the diagnosis of diseases and other illnesses, medical devices offer essential diagnostic information within the healthcare sector. Indeed, spanning everything from medical imaging to bionics, the medical devices industry is rapidly advancing in line with technological advances and the growing complexity of treatments. In this increasingly important industry, Pro-Tech works closely with clients looking to engage talented people to facilitate their growing requirements.


With the UK engineering and manufacturing industries currently witnessing a shortage of people with industry-specific skills, the demand for talented people has never been higher. By providing an invaluable resource with over 120,000 highly skilled and refined candidates, Pro-Tech helps its clients to bridge this challenging gap every day.

IT and Digital

Pro-Tech has a dedicated IT and Digital recruitment team with a wealth of expertise in placing talent in everything from SEO to App Development. Because of this expertise, our Digital offering has expanded greatly in recent years in line with the growing requirements of our clients. Benefitting from our candidate focussed service, our clients are brought closer to some of the best talent on the market. 


As a billion dollar industry world-wide, the field of electronics is an essential global industry in both a commercial and corporate sense. With many of our candidates boasting applicable skills across a range of industries, Pro-Tech works within the electronics sector supplying well-rounded, experienced candidates with developed skill-sets.

Many of our clients have worked extensively with us for a number of years and do so in the knowledge that we are consistent in our supply of talented, hard-working people.

Life Sciences

Whether it be in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, computing or medicine, life sciences are constantly changing the way we think about the world. With this, Pro-Tech is providing an ever-increasing number of talented and adaptable people into industry-leading companies within this field. When working with Pro-Tech, our clients have access to a huge network of skilled candidates that bring a wealth of different industry experience to any given role.


Pro-Tech works with a large number of clients to provide staffing solutions that require specific expertise within a manufacturing environment. In doing so, we adopt a proven recruitment approach with the understanding that it is often the skills of the candidate, not their industry specialism that will make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful placement.


Spanning everything from Nanotechnology to Commercial Aircraft, candidates with a mechanical engineering skill-set have the chance to work in a range of working environments.

With 25+ years’ experience of placing talented people within this sector, Pro-Tech offers its candidates a trusted resource that opens up the possibility of working with some of the leading businesses in the UK.

Need a fresh, industry-trusted perspective?

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