Why ProTech?

When selecting the right recruitment company, the choice available to you is extensive.

So why should you partner with ProTech?


ProTech was founded in 1988. Over these 30+ years of trading, we’ve developed and perfected a recruitment process that is proven to deliver results. It’s a process that over time has earnt the loyalty and trust of both candidates and clients who value our specialist technical and engineering recruitment experience, knowledge and insight.

ProTech is tried, tested and looking to improve every day.

Company Identity

We’re an owner managed business. With this, a distinct company identity has been – and still is – fed throughout our teams on a daily basis. This ethos is threefold:

Firstly, our consultants are focussed outwards and never inwards upon their own gain. Producing a positive result for our clients and candidates first and foremost is of the utmost importance to our recruitment process.

Secondly, ProTech adopts a nurturing approach to its staff. With this, the benefits of an owner managed business are again evident: a consistent and reassuring excellence that comes from on-going training and development is present in all our recruiters.

Finally, we ensure that the people running and driving the service you are receiving actually have a passion and knowledge for the industries they work in. We do this to ensure that our clients and candidates can speak to their consultants in a language that everyone understands.

This attitude is further reinforced by the fact that ProTech’s company directors are both qualified engineers.

Candidate Network

We have an internal candidate network of over 120,000 people. This database is regularly updated and vetted so as to ensure that the candidate profiles we’re dealing with are current and relevant for a job search.

This therefore means that when we work with you, we provide you unique access to our database which includes the best talent appropriate, whatever the sector or discipline within our STEM nucleus.


Quite simply, the scale of our operations means that you’re always going to be dealing with someone personable that cares about the successful fulfilment of your staffing needs.

Towards clients, our recruiters will never give up on a role, regardless of any setbacks that might come. Where other recruitment companies may choose to move on from a role if it isn’t proving fruitful, our consultants will work a project to completion.

Towards candidates, this same sense of commitment applies. We understand just how important the job search of a candidate is. We therefore ensure we do absolutely everything we can to find a job that suits a candidate’s personality, key skills, aspirations and location.

We truly care about the collective progression of our clients and candidates and feel passionate in our ability to deliver just this.

So let’s work together. Get in touch with us now to find out what ProTech can do for you.

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