Work seekers terms

These are the terms and conditions which apply between ProTech Recruitment Ltd (“ProTech”) and work seekers ("you") making use of its services. These terms and conditions are supplemented by our Privacy Policy.

Please note that we are members of APSCo (The Association of Professional Staffing Companies) and registered as complying with the Data Protection Act. 

ProTech will provide you with work finding services as defined in the EAA (Employment Agencies Act). ProTech will not charge you any fees for work finding services.

ProTech cannot guarantee to find you work. We will register you in our database if you have sent us your CV and you will be included in searches that we conduct for vacancies we are handling. If you appear suitable for a particular vacancy, our consultants will try to contact you by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp or other media channel to confirm your suitability and to invite you to apply.

We may also contact you when carrying out research such as salary surveys and to ensure your registered information is up to date.

When applying for a vacancy, either via the ProTech website or in response to communication with a ProTech employee, you agree to inform ProTech whether or not you have already applied for that vacancy or to the employer concerned in the past and whether or not you have an ongoing recruitment dialogue with that employer about any role(s).

Should ProTech write to you following your verbal confirmation that ProTech may submit your CV or other details to an employer client, either speculatively or for a specific vacancy, asking for confirmation of those instructions, you agree to use your best endeavours to confirm those instructions but also agree that unless you reply to cancel those instructions before your candidature has been submitted to the employer client, we may proceed on your verbal instructions.

You agree that having given ProTech instructions to submit your candidature to an employer client, you will not make a further application for the same vacancy, either directly or via any other intermediary, or, if a speculative submission, that you will not apply to that client at all within 12 months without first informing ProTech in writing of your intention to do so. Similarly, and in order to avoid unethical behaviour on the part of any clients, should an employer client contact you directly after your candidature has been submitted to that client, you agree to inform both the employer client and ProTech accordingly and to maintain your candidature via ProTech. 

You agree and acknowledge ProTech may utilise the services of a third party company to check from time to time whether or not candidates whose candidature has been submitted to clients are now working for those clients without ProTech’s knowledge. ProTech agrees to provide such third parties only with the minimum necessary information to facilitate those checks.

If ProTech find you work, you agree that you will carefully check your employment contract and any offer letter received from your new employer and that the terms and conditions contained in those documents will constitute your terms of employment. You agree that these documents take precedence over any offer communicated to you by ProTech and that it is your responsibility to raise any discrepancies before accepting your contract / offer letter.

When you send us your CV it will be stored and made available offline to ProTech’s consultants only. Your CV will not be forwarded to any third party including our employer clients unless you specifically authorise us (either verbally or in writing) confirming we can do so. By applying for an individual vacancy you are authorising us to forward your CV to the hiring company for that vacancy and you agree not to submit any applications for the same vacancy either directly or via any other agency or intermediary. Please give us instructions when applying for individual vacancies if you wish to discuss them further with us before we submit your CV.

ProTech may use data held to identify and publish employment trends such as salary averages and industry demographics (including to customers outside the UK). This data will not be capable of being linked to any individual(s).

If you register using a non-private or corporate email address, please ensure that it is secure (i.e. you know who is able to view your inbox). We cannot accept responsibility if your emails are read by others with access to your inbox. If your email address is not secure, we would recommend that you obtain a free email account from Gmail or Outlook and then mark *@pro-tech.co.uk as a safe email address.

Please note that ProTech reserves the right not to register you on our database and to remove from our database CVs which include any content that we consider to be illegal or offensive or factually incorrect. We will also remove your details/CV if a complaint is upheld which has been made against them, or if you use rude or inappropriate behaviour towards any member of our staff. Out of date CVs will also be removed from time to time.

The work finding services ProTech provide are:

a. finding / seeking to find you work as explained above

b. the provision of vacancy and other information on pro-tech.co.uk and any other site ProTech may use

c. the provision of vacancy and other information via our jobs by email service.

ProTech operate as an employment agency in respect of finding you permanent or temporary employment.

ProTech operate as an employment business in respect of any assignment or contract ProTech may find for you in relation to which you are or will be employed by ProTech and under the control of the hiring company. Unless you are an individual contractor or a limited company and the necessary legal requirements for the assignment to be regarded as a contract for services appear to be satisfied, ProTech will employ you in relation to the assignment under a contract of services.

ProTech are required by law to obtain confirmation of your identity, that you are legally entitled and willing to work in the location and position which the hiring company is seeking to fill and that you have the experience, training, qualifications and any authorisations which the hiring company considers necessary or are required by law or by any professional body. You agree to provide the necessary information and documentation to ProTech if requested.

When operating as an employment business, ProTech will not withhold payment to you if ProTech have not been paid by the hiring company. ProTech may only delay payment for a reasonable time to make inquiries if you have not produced an authorised time sheet while ProTech obtain alternative proof that you have worked the hours claimed.

Unless otherwise required by the hiring company, during any periods of temporary/contract employment with us, each party shall be required to give notice to terminate the contract as per the contract with us. The interval at which remuneration will be paid to you is weekly. PAYE workers are entitled to at least the minimum statutory days paid annual holiday or pro rata for your contracted hours and the duration of the assignment.

When operating as an employment business ProTech will seek to obtain and to pay you a competitive rate of pay for any temporary/contract assignment ProTech find for you but in any event this will be no less than the legally required minimum.