Case study

Replacing an experienced engineering manager

The problem

Our client had a key member of the design staff, with a very long record of continuous service, due to retire within two months.

His extensive skills and knowledge base had been built up over many years and it was proving difficult for them to find the right person to step into his shoes.

Our solution

Upon becoming aware of the upcoming vacancy, our MD, Antony Cox and one of our senior recruiters visited the client’s site the very same day and met with the Engineering Manager to get a full technical brief on the requirement.

Our client provided an in-depth brief on the technical abilities needed and prioritised those that were essential for the role. We were able to offer advice as to the availability of skills in the market, as well as current salary expectations.

Alongside this visit, considerable time was also spent examining their substantial product portfolio, as well as looking around the entire factory to get the full picture.

Our experience, combined with the knowledge gained on-site, enabled us to substantially revise and improve the client’s job specification. This ensured that we could search for and attract the right candidates, rapidly and accurately.

The result

Armed with a brief we knew to be both accurate and realistic, we were able to search our range of databases and networks to work-up a short-list of potential candidates.

Two CVs were submitted and both were selected for interview. Without even seeing the second candidate, the first candidate that attended was offered the position, as the match attained was so close to the requirement.


In their own words

"The ProTech consultant very effectively matched my CV with a suitable vacancy resulting in my starting a new role very promptly and successfully."