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Pro-Tech is one of the fastest growing technical recruitment companies in the UK specialising within the Scientific, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. Our client list includes multi-national FTSE companies as well as SMEs in the Electronics, Mechanical, Life-Sciences, IT and Communications industries. The trust and success that our recruitment process has inspired is evident in the long-term nature of the relationships we have with our clients and candidates.

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Pro-Tech has over 25 years’ experience providing trusted and industry-leading consultancy to the Science,
Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing industries.

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Deep Blue and A.I.
Deep Blue and A.I. On the 10th of February in 1996, Deep Blue – IBM’s chess playing computer – won its first game against man.The computer chess-playing system defeated World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in their first game of a six-game match. Ultimately, man was ...
James Watt
James Watt On the 19th January 1736, Scottish inventor & entrepreneur James Watt was born. He became a successful inventor through some of his works including, most notably, the steam engine, rotary engine and copying system.He is most known for his ...
New Year, New Opportunities
New Year, New Opportunities For many, a New Year brings New Year’s resolutions; going to the gym 3 times a week, quitting smoking, eating healthier for example. But for many, we know that a new job could be just the change you need to improve your year.As experts in the ...
Interviewer Tips
Interviewer Tips It's not only the candidate's who need some tips for a good interview. An interview is not only for the interviewer to assess the candidate, but also for the candidate to see if this is a company that they would like to work for. Here are a few tips ...
Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2016
Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2016 Tomorrow’s Engineers Week - 7th – 11th November 2016Tomorrow’s Engineers is a programme, led by the engineering community, helping schools incorporate Engineering into their current curriculum. Their aim is for everyone between the ages of 11 and 14 ...
Interview Tips
Interview Tips 1)      Do your researchHaving knowledge of the company you are interviewing at is vital. Make sure you find out all you can from the recruiters about the company, as well as doing your own research.Prepare some questions to ...
Women in Technology
Women in Technology As Ada Lovelace day took place earlier this week, we found the perfect opportunity to have a look at some influential women in technology both past and present. Whilst we’re not there yet, the gender gap in the STEM fields is decreasing, although ...
Self-Driving Takeover
Self-Driving Takeover It’s clear to see that 2016 has been the year of progress for the self-driving car phenomenon. Although the idea has been floating about for decades, more and more tests and experiments have taken place this year, with an increasing amount of new ...
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