Sole Agency

What is a Sole Agency arrangement?

This is where a recruitment agency can handle all the aspects of recruiting for a specific vacancy or agreed period of time. Companies benefit from being able to hand over the entire resourcing process knowing there is complete control over all aspects.

Often you will see on adverts the note that the "recruitment for this opportunity is being handled on an exclusive basis by recruitment agency and any third party applications will be forwarded through to them".

What are the Advantages of going Sole Agency for recruitment?

An agency that is dedicated to your vacancy will prioritise filling it and spend longer hours working on it because they know they will collect a fee for doing this successfully. In addition to this, you’ll have one agency contact who will take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for and to take the time to understand what you require so they can find the ideal candidate for your company.

Sole agency also allows your business to not worry over which agency sent which candidate and when in order to settle agency disputes. Strong candidates are so hard to find in the current market so often agencies are working with the same people which can cause your company to receive duplicate CVs with consequent risk of dispute.

If you are engaging with a recruitment agency on a sole agency basis, then they will spend time producing more marketing material to help you entice the right candidates. 

Another benefit is that you'll be able to speak honestly and frankly about the entire short list of CV's that are provided without any conflict or back and forth with multiple agencies.

How can going Sole Agency help with competition?

When you are exclusive to the recruiter, then they are exclusive to you. On the other hand, when you hire multiple recruiters, you run the risk of them presenting quality candidates to multiple firms at once. Many of them will be your competition and engaging in a bidding war for talent is never ideal.

If you want to recruit from direct competitors, an exclusive recruiter has a better chance than multiple contingent ones. It takes time and dedication to reach all the candidates and who will be more willing to do the hard yards?

One big recruitment myth is that recruiters will work harder when they know they’ve been pitted against each other and are in competition. This just isn't true - why would they commit and work harder when you're effectively telling them they only have a small portion of your commitment? A sole recruiter lends their full commitment and it'll be much easier and beneficial to form a close working relationship with them. This will mean they can gain a deeper understanding of the requirements of the position and what you're looking for in both hard and soft skills.

How can going sole agency help with your brand image?

Put simply, if top talent are approached by multiple agencies for the same job, they may assume that the company isn't committed and they may even be put off entirely. Exclusivity in recruitment is often the key to unlocking exclusive talent. A firm that excels in head-hunting, networking and analysing their databases will be dedicated to seeking out the very best for you - and your commitment to the partnership will ensure you see a return on investment that's well worth it.

How can going sole agency save your company time?

Exclusivity lends itself to quality over speed from the recruiters point of view and also saves the client time in the sense that they only have one expert recruiter to deal with. This means that in an exclusive arrangement, your business will save time on multiple meetings and emails with different firms. More time provides an environment more suitable for detailed interviews, thorough skills assessments and deep-dives into experience, attitude and aptitude. All of these facets will lead to ensuring the candidate is the right fit for your company.

Why should you engage sole agency with ProTech Recruitment?

ProTech Recruitment are incredibly adept at operating under a sole agency arrangement and can walk you through every stage as you liaise with your own recruitment expert with us throughout. With an average of a 6 years tenure for all of our team members, our team has the experience and the know how to take on all roles no matter what your requirements.

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