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5 steps to getting the best out of your workforce

almost 8 years ago

5 steps to getting the best out of your workforce

With ‘Brent is Back’, coming up fast on the horizon, it felt only appropriate to pay homage to one of the true greats of business by compiling a 5-step list to getting the best out of your workforce.

In other words, I guess you could say that this is a quick-fire managerial bible sponsored by the BrentMaster general himself...

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1) Do as I say and as I do.

It’s simple, but leading by example is probably the easiest way to inspire respect from your employees.

Humans aren't stupid and they certainly won’t continue to perform in an environment where alternate or unfair standards are set across different hierarchy levels. Creating an equal standing in terms of the way you behave should enable you to create a positive working environment within your business.

Essentially, given that your employees are following your instructions and your example, the question to ask yourself is: ‘Why should they behave to a certain standard when I'm not doing so myself?’

   2) Equality street

Whether it’s your top salesperson, your admin team or your line managers, each strand of your business want to feel like they can grow, learn and put their own stamp on their working life.

But more importantly, your employees want to feel as valued as the next person and the truth is, they’re absolutely right to feel that way.

Like any great operation it’s the sum of the parts, not the individual, that makes things tick. However mundane or complexed an employee’s tasks might seem, each and every one of your team is adding something.

Recognising, rewarding and supporting every member of your team in an equally fair and appropriate way will ultimately make them feel valued in the workplace whilst also encouraging positive relationships between your employees.

   3) Take the time to understand your employees

One of the best ways to get the most out of your employees is to learn about them and their life. What do they like? What do they dislike? What motivates them?

Investing a certain amount of hours in your employees will, over time, allow you to adapt the way in which you incentivise, motivate and interact with your employees. In turn, this should also breed a happy and healthy working environment full of people looking to embrace your brand, your ideals, and your vision for the future.

  4) Admit when you’re wrong!

You’re not Superman and you’re certainly not Yoda.  

You’re pretty close, but hey, you’re only human.

All joking aside, there are most certainly going to be moments where, in the face of debate, you’re going to get something wrong. It’ll be irritating. It’ll frustrate you. But the key here is to be humble enough to admit when you’re wrong.

If you want your team to become independent, proactive and positive thinkers, they need to be able to respect your guidance when you’re right, but also, respect your guidance when you’re wrong.

The harsh reality is that if you can’t quite swallow your pride in those rare moments where you are wrong, there's a good chance that your staff will lose respect for your guidance when you’re right.

Do the right thing: Know how to be right, but also how to be wrong!

5) Ambition not Idealism.

Setting ambitious and exciting goals for your company on both a long-term and day-to-day basis is essential when creating a vibrant and fast-moving working environment.

In any situation, setting a goal, working towards it and then reaching that goal is a satisfying feeling. It breeds confidence and reinforces a belief that future goals can also be achieved. This same sense of reward reinforcement can apply in the way in which you set about challenging and motivating your staff.

Further still, setting ambitious but attainable goals can play a critical role in demonstrating to your employees that you are a fair, supportive and aspirational person that they want to work for.

The aim of all this is for your employees to be getting the maximum out of themselves, without being overwhelmed by requests to change colour, grow a tail or learn how to fly!