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Annual manufacturing report 2018

over 6 years ago

Annual manufacturing report 2018

The AMR 2018 has been released and we have summarised some main points that were published from the survey.

Main areas in the report concentrated on skills and training, industrial digitalisation and effects of Brexit on the manufacturing industry.

In the report Brexit was heavily focused on, asking manufacturers a range of questions regarding what is going to happen when Britain leaves the European Union. When asked about the outlook of Brexit and how it will affect manufacturing the responses were 46% to 54% - a fairly even split, mimicking the actual result of the Brexit vote. Manufacturers are uncertain about what Brexit has instore for the future of manufacturing growth however the slight majority believe it will cause chaos for the industry.

Key stats from AMR 2018:

  • 72% of manufacturers have confidence in overseas trade and conditions are good for growth however 67% say Brexit is making planning difficult and is damaging business prospects.
  • 71% believe apprenticeships are developing into a proper alternative to higher education for school leavers.
  • 87% of manufacturers say they are ready to invest in productivity enhancing digital technologies. “Manufacturers are now understanding how technology can unlock some of the long-term value embedded in their products through service offerings, performance monitoring and upgrades.”

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