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What are the similarities between Valentine's Day and Recruitment?

over 1 year ago

What are the similarities between Valentine's Day and Recruitment?

Well, we know it's quite a cheesy comparison to make but we thought we'd look into it!

Now, Valentine's Day and recruitment may seem like two very different things at first, but there are some similarities between them:

1. Both require preparation: Preparing for Valentine's Day often involves planning a cute date or choosing the perfect gift for that special person. In the same way, preparing for a successful recruitment process requires planning and preparing job descriptions, interviewing questions, and candidate selection criteria to ensure the perfect union.

2. Both involve searching for a match: On Valentine's Day, people search for a romantic match, while in recruitment, organizations search for the best match from the available candidate pool for their open job position.

3. Both involve the assessment of qualities and attributes: When searching for a romantic partner, people often assess qualities such as compatibility, sense of humour, and common interests- will they want to binge Breaking Bad with me? Similarly, in recruitment, employers assess qualities and attributes such as skills, experience, and cultural fit. Will they come into our organisation and hit the ground running?

4. Both require patience and persistence: Finding the right match on Valentine's Day or in recruitment can take time, and both may require patience and persistence.

5. Both can involve heartbreak and being let down!

While these are some of the similarities between Valentine's Day and recruitment, it's important to note that the overall goals, context, and stakes of these two events can be quite different in reality.

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